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Accessible healthcare for women & children in Palani Hills, Tamil Nadu


Charity: Action for Social Health in Rural Areas (ASHRA)
Project objective: To run regular clinics with a doctor, health worker and a facility to purchase medicines in isolated communities.
Project funding: £6,500
Project Length: ongoing (Commenced January 2012)
Status: In Progress

Malnutrition and illness affects children and their families in this very poor region often affecting both physical and mental outcomes. This year in order to reach more children visits to crèches have been increased whilst maintaining one outreach clinic. Three creches, run by Bethania Foundation, are visited weekly resulting in 135 pre-school children receiving regular health checks up and nutritional supplements.

Regular health check-ups show any abnormalities in the children’s development and expose malnutrition, and then both are dealt with. For example, Dr. Kolhatkar is currently negotiating with the local hospital for some of the children to have corrective surgery at a significantly reduced rate. Dr. Kolhatkar is also teaching sessions to the mothers who want to learn how to keep their families healthier.

ASHRA has applied for permission from Indian Government to receive
foreign donations.

For more information click on the PDF symbol to download our factsheet.

Dr. Arun Kolhatkar provides children regular health checks at creche's in the Palani Hills.

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