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On Any Sunday...


Inspired by the renowned and brilliant 1971 documentary, featuring the epically cool Steve McQueen, On Any Sunday celebrated the world of motorcycle racing. Adventure Ashram is asking her supporters far and wide to organise a fundraising event in celebration of the spirit of adventure... and it isn't limited to 2 wheels of the motorised variety...


  • There are 4 Sundays in October.

  • Organise an activity for one of the Sundays, ask your friends to join you and raise funds for our small but mighty charity, it's that simple.

  • You can organise a walk or run, bicycle/motorcycle ride, a car rally, climb, unicycle, eat curry/drink coffee with friends, dance, run, jog, yoga, shave your beard off. ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING GOES!

  • Then ask your friends and family to sponsor and support you. 


As we are unable to gather together this October for the Adventure Ashram Car & Bike Rally, let's make some noise and raise some much needed funds for our friends in India in any other way we can! 

Dream up your fundraising On Any Sunday event, let us know your idea so we can help you promote it by emailing:

Want to get involved, but no ideas spring to mind? No worries, get in touch and we can help.

#onanysunday #adventurewithpurpose #fundraising 

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