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The Adventure Ashram Enamel Badge - our equivalent of the Blue Peter Badge


What is the Adventure Ashram Enamel Badge? 

To recognise Adventurers that go the extra mile, Adventure Ashram awards a commemorative enamel badge. We are delighted to share the names of Adventurers with Purpose and the year they received their badge. 


If you would like to nominate an Adventurer for this prestigious award, please email info@adventureashram.org

We encourage all Adventurers to wear their badge to Adventure Ashram events and on adventures all over the world. 

Adventure Ashram Enamel Badge Recipients:


Vicky Drake                     For volunteering with GCT and Odanadi 2018

Nathan & Claire Scard   For organising the Cotswold Rally 2018

Richie Finney                  UK Rally Route Planner 2017

Lou Crockart                   UK Rally Volunteer 2017

Jo Langston                    UK Rally Volunteer 2017

Kim Spencer                   UK Rally Volunteer 2017

Mark Edwards                UK Rally Platinum Sponsor 2017

Sarah Goodwin              UK Rally Volunteer and previous Administrator to the                                            Board of Trustees 2017

Rebecca Smith              Gap Year Volunteer and UK Rally Volunteer 2017

Charlie Horsley             Volunteer Trip and UK Rally Volunteer 2017

Ollie Langston               Ashram Ashram Head and Tails host and Business

                                       Supporter 2017

Alison Fitzgerald          UK Rally speaker and Business Supporter 2017

Chris Wilson                  UK Rally speaker and Business Supporter 2017

Vincent Kamp                For painting a portrait of Tom Hardy, auctioning it and                                          donating the proceeds to the Boys' House

Daryl Gaskin                  For fundraising for Back To The Future 2017

Tristan Carlisle-Kitz      For fundraising for Back To The Future 2017