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Adventure Ashram's Privacy Policy


Adventure Ashram takes the privacy of our supporters very seriously and we take great care to safeguard any personal information given to us whether that is on our website or through other means of communication.

This policy provides details and explains how we collect and use supporter information and data

By using our website and/or providing us with your personal details you are agreeing to our privacy policy. Please do keep checking our privacy policy as we may need to update it without contacting you beforehand.


When will we ask for personal details?

We may ask for personal details for the following reasons:

You have applied for a paid position with us

You have applied to volunteer for us

You have made a donation to us

You have signed up to receive our newsletter/communications from us

You are attending one of our fundraising events or overseas adventure trips

You have applied or are part of our governance team


Why do we ask for our supporters’ personal data and how do we use it?

There are many reasons why we need to ask for our supporters’ personal information:

The main reason is usually because a donation has been made and we need to process this.

We are incredibly proud of what we achieve with the help and backing of our supporters. We want to keep in touch to share our latest news, especially from our charity partners in India, so each supporter can know what a difference their donations and help are making. We also want to share our successes, future plans and goals as well as details of our events and fundraising activities. We only contact our supporters if they have agreed to being contacted by Adventure Ashram and please be assured that we will never under any circumstances sell supporter details to a third party. All information kept is held in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and any other legislation that is applicable.


Passing data on to other companies and third parties.

We will never sell our supporters information and data to any third party. If on the rare occasion we may need to transfer data to a third party, an example of this is checking against the Telephone Preference Service, we will ensure that the organisation has a signed data processing agreement, ensuring that all data is looked after by them as carefully as we do. We share information with HMRC only if supporters have completed our Gift Aid form so we can claim the Gift Aid against donations. We will also share data if we are required to do so by law.

How do we store supporter information securely?

We take great care to prevent the loss or misuse of any of data we hold for our supporters.

On occasions we may need to hold data for supporters beyond their name, address, email and telephone number. For example, we ask for copies of passports, visa’s, inoculations, blood group, next of kin etc. for our overseas volunteers. This information is only held for the duration of the volunteer’s placement, is stored electronically in secure files, deleted when the placement finishes,

Much of our communication with supporters is through Email which is not a fully secured form of communication. We do everything within our powers to keep our systems protected as far as possible, but we are not able to offer any guarantees.

We are unable to make representations about any other websites that may be accessed through links on our own website and our social media channels. These websites are independent from Adventure Ashram and we have no influence over the site or how any personal data collected through these sites are kept and used.

How can supporters change their personal details or ask us not to contact them?

If at any point you decide you do not want to be contacted by us, or need to change your personal details please email or write to us at: Adventure Ashram, Unit C017, Trident Business Centre, Bickersteth Road, London, SW17 9SH. All data will be removed from our systems within 5 working days.

Access Rights

Supporters have the right to request copies of personal information and data as well as the details of how we use that information. Supporters who believe that the personal information we are holding is inaccurate can request that it is changed by emailing

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, Access Rights or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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