Welcome to our Newest Corporate Supporter!

Adventure Ashram are delighted to be working in partnership with our newest corporate supporters - Locate Retail owned by Adventurer Ollie Langston! You can check out all the great work they do in property acquisition and disposal services here on their website or on twitter. Here at Adventure Ashram, we are very fortunate to work with such great corporate supporters - the likes of Rocket Charities, Nomadic Knights, and Appassionata - their energy and enthusiasm matches our own. They work with us in a variety of ways to help support our projects in India. We are incredibly grateful to have these organisations' support and with it, we can help to improve the lives of even more children throug

From Heathrow to Mysore and Back: Our Volunteers are Home!

Our volunteers are back from their 10 day adventure - a South Indian experience like no other! On each volunteer trip, Adventure Ashram aims to fund and help develop a project improving health and education at both Odanadi and Grace Charitable Trust. Adventure Ashram Trustees, Roy Clark and Udesh Nadoo, volunteered their time to host the trip with the support of charity leaders Stanly KV and Solomon Daniel. Our Volunteer Manager Margaret Ring is always on hand to help volunteers arranging travel and assisting with fundraising for the trip. From 5 - 14 November, our team of volunteers traversed the Indian country side, starting in Mysore with a welcome dinner, moving to the Odanadi Boys' Hous

Bullet to Beaches Visit Odanadi Boys House!

Our friends at Nomadic Knights took time out of their Bullet to Beaches Motorbike Rally this November to visit the Odanadi Boys House. Nomadic Knights like to engage in some very different challenges when it comes to adventure and this trip follows suit. They took their 500cc Royal Enfield Bullets from coast to coast over 11 days. During their trip, they were able to spend time with the 50 rescued boys who are being rehabilitated and cared for by Odanadi in Mysore, Karnataka. They have taken some wonderful pictures and it looks like they had a fantastic time. Click here to see more pictures from the amazing trip and to learn how you can help support the boys house. Come check out all of the

Indian Companies Give Back

In 2013 the Indian Government passed a new Companies Act. In this they made it compulsory for businesses of a certain size to undertake Corporate Social Responsibility activities and give back a percentage of their profits. Out of this emerged a number of initiatives to connect companies with charities. Charities Aid Foundation, or CAF, is a global Alliance. CAF India offers a process that validates charities and connects them with companies and philanthropists. In July, Solomon Daniel and our Project Manager and Fundraiser, Fritha Vincent, compiled all the information for the application process. Solomon is the leader of Grace Charitable Trust, an organization that runs the education projec

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