Volunteering with Adventure Ashram. Can you help?

We have a vacancy for a Volunteer Administrator to the Board of Trustees. As we hope all our Adventurers know, at Adventure Ashram we see all our volunteers and interns as utterly priceless and we simply couldn't function as effectively as we do without their skills, support, and passion for our charity. Our current Volunteer Administrator to the Board of Trustees, the wonderful Sarah Goodwin, is sadly having to step down from the role after our next Board Meeting in April after many years in the role. The role is interesting and varied and amongst other duties includes attending 4 Board of Trustee Meetings per year, usually held in London, taking minutes of meetings, forwarding all necessar

Stories From the Field. Or at least the boys' house!

Every Saturday evening, the boys look at photographs of themselves as babies and absolutely love it. So, we had an idea, let's send them more photographs to add to their collection. If you have visited the boys' house in Mysore, send us your top 3 photographs from your visit. We will print them off, put them in an album and when Fritha heads out to India next month she can deliver a wonderful surprise to the boys. Send your photographs to Shu our comms intern at: info@adventureashram.org. To set the ball rolling, here are Margaret's top 3 photos from last October. Could you help support the running costs of the boys' house? Just £5 per month goes a long way in India. Click on the link

Stories From The Field. The children take a day trip!

The children from our Child Sponsorship Programme went on a special day trip to Ooty, where they boarded a steam train and travelled up the mountain enjoying themselves very much! Solomon Daniel accompanied them on the trip, which gave the children an educational experience that extended beyond the classroom. This wonderful trip was made possible by one of our supporters, whose generous one-off donation gave the children this memorable and educational experience. Could you help to support the education of a child? Visit our website: http://www.adventureashram.org/donate

Business Supports Adventure Ashram Spotlight

We are proud to launch our new Business Supports Adventure Ashram Spotlight, where we will be shining a spotlight on one of our amazing Business Supporters each month. It's in no particular order, as all our business supporters are wonderful partners and we would like to express our appreciation and gratefulness for all their continued support. To kick off our first spotlight, we are featuring Skyline Consulting, the platinum sponsor for our UK Rally 2017. Director Mark Edwards has been a keen supporter of Adventure Ashram for many years and we are incredibly grateful for his support. Skyline Consulting is an independent consulting firm providing IT service and life-cycle asset management

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