Stories From The Field - Rebecca's #celebratewithadventure trip

Rebecca Smith, one of our previous gap year volunteers, recently visited our projects in India to #celebratewithadventure! Rebecca started her journey by flying to Delhi and travelling to Agra, where she met the group travelling on the Best Exotic Marigold car rally. They visited the Taj Mahal together and then a project run by CURE India which supports water sanitation in local slum areas. Rebecca then travelled down to Masinagudi to visit Solomon Daniel, the founder of Grace Charitable Trust. She spent 3 months in Masinagudi in 2015 so it was lovely to return and visit all of the children in the sponsorship scheme - they were all so happy to see her again! She spent time visiting their new

Stories From The Field - Thank You Letter to Child Sponsors

Solomon Daniel from Grace Charitable Trust has penned a touching thank-you letter to all our child sponsors: Our sincere thanks to all the sponsors and Adventurers for your generous support to Grace Charitable Trust. Your support to GCT in many different ways by money and moral support has helped us to achieve many things. Your support is reaching the tribal children directly for their education. I'm so proud this year that there are 15 boys and girls who wrote their public exams and 5 of them are from the Siriyur village which is the first in this tribal village history. Even the villagers are so happy and they want to thank you all for supporting their children to go this far in their jour

Rally trophies in. Get Rally ready!

Look what we've got... The shiny trophies are in for the Best Car, Best Bike and Best Dressed awards for our Rally 2017. Could the award be yours? Make sure you've got your bikes and cars ready! If you would like to book a ticket for the Rally click on the link below.

Managing our core costs

We keep our core costs to an absolute minimum and we clean our office ourselves, as you can see in the photo below! As a very small charity, we keep our staff team numbers to a minimum, we multitask, and we have a very good intern and volunteer programme. By minimising our running costs, we can maximise our supporters' donations towards helping the children and communities in India. However, we still have overheads of rent, utilities, mailings and various professional registration costs. Can you help us cover our core costs? Click here and select the third option to support our work.

Business Supports Adventure Ashram - Spotlight on Locate Retail

Locate Retail has been one of our Business Supporters for a number of years. Locate Retail provides acquisition and disposal services to a broad range of retailers, supermarkets, leisure operators and restaurants. Its founder and director Ollie Langston is our Heads and Tails Game Master, making his debut appearance at our December 2016 Curry Night! He will host the Heads and Tails again at our UK Rally 2017. Locate Retail has also kindly sponsored the trophy prizes for the Best Car, Best Bike, and Best Dressed Awards for this year's Rally. We are grateful for the support from Locate Retail and its wonderful director Ollie Langston in helping Adventure Ashram to improve the education and hea

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