Neil Cooper: Adventure Story

NEIL'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Go with the flow. Be resourceful! Be respectful! India is India, they do things in the own way and in their own time. Chill, expect the worst, power cuts, water running out in the middle of a shower - usually when you’ve just soaped up! Oh, and expect a bit of Delhi Belly from time to time, it’s not food poisoning it’s just that you are getting used to their different bacteria! I first went to India with Adventure Ashram around 7 to 8 years ago. Myself and my wife Kate drove an Indian traditional Ambassador car from Goa to Kerala in a Rally with about 20 other mad couples. We had never done an activity holiday like it! It was awesome and opened our eyes to beautiful

Ian Ordish: Adventure Story

IAN'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: When travelling be open to new friendships! The world will be ok On the recce trip to the Lost World I was riding with Iain Clark. His bullet had a tendency to need a new spark plug every 200km or so. Riding on a dirt track up in the hills just leaving a small village, (I would not say lost but may be not on the road we were supposed to be on) his bike gave up. We pulled over to a small shop to wait for the back-up van. A young lady served us some drinks and we sat on the steps to look down the valley we had climbed,we agreed it was beautiful and stunning and talked to the young lady about our travels and showed her one of Alex's books showing our trip in The lost wo

Hoa Nguyen: Adventure Story

HOA'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: It's fine to feel a little nervous when entering new territory. My first day as an intern started off on the crazy side. Google maps informed me that taking the bus from Goldhawk Road all the way to Tooting Bec was the best and quickest way to get to the office; Google Maps was definitely wrong. Nonetheless, I was able to get to work right on time! As I was entering the building, I remembered feeling very nervous, as one should when entering a new territory, and about 5 mins away from meeting and working with complete strangers for the next 3 months. There I was, waiting at the front desk for Margaret, with my heart still racing, to come take me to the office. She wa

Ailsa Vincent: Adventure Story

AILSA'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Step out of your comfort zone and make new friends. Call me a comfortable Armchair many years I have followed the Adventure Ashram rallies around Southern India and up into the Himalayas and Spiti Valley. Thanks to the www I have seen Doc weighing and measuring babies before handing out vitamins and medicines to young families, Solomon juggling his buses and education centres for the tribal children in Tamil Nadu, Stanley and Parashew creating a home for street children in Mysore as well as all the children themselves. Their smiling hopeful faces are often the first faces I see in the morning as the time lag between India and UK brings the email re

BREAKING NEWS... Pre-order your copy of limited edition '100 Adventure Stories' by 31st Augu

A proud message to all our supporters from the Adventure Ashram Trustees... 'It is with immense pride that we announce the publication of '100 Adventure Stories' an inspiring testament to celebrate a decade of purposeful adventure. As your tales of adventure flooded in, we knew we had a book in the making so it is with great excitement that now ask you to pre-order your copy through our crowdfunding campaign HERE by August 31st. Available for delivery by December and priced at £20 per book, we think it will make an excellent stocking filler! Thank you so much for all your incredible support and here's to the next 10 years of Adventure Ashram.

Barry Scard: Adventure Story

BARRY'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Traveling with your children may open up a life-changing experience! I will always remember the day my son, Nathan phoned and asked if I fancied a little motorbike trip. He then informed me, it was through the Ghat Mountains of India. I agreed not realising what I had let myself in for. Sadly, just before we left, Royal Enfield reneged on their agreement to supply two Royal Enfield Bullet motorbikes that we could donate at the end of the trip. Nathan, as resourceful as ever, managed to hire a Mahindra Jeep and we set off on an amazing adventure. There are many wonderful memories of the trip, however three of these memories will remain with me to my dying days. Firs

Summer office hours.

The office will be running on a skeleton staff from 3rd August - 1st of September as Fritha, Margaret and Sam take a break and re-charge their batteries! Fritha will be checking emails and the 'phone, so if anything urgent crops up, we will be on hand. Have a great summer.

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