Bid for a £100 gift voucher to dine at a first class authentic Indian Restaurant in the beautiful So

Bid in our silent auction for a £100 voucher to Banyan, a 4.5 star authentic Indian cuisine restaurant. Sit down for a delicious spread for two or share various dishes amongst four. Situated in the South Downs National Park, an amazingly beautiful location- it is prime riding or driving country! It is the perfect location and venue for a great day or evening out with friends and family. Visit their website to learn more or view the menu HERE. The bidding starts at £80. To submit your 'sealed' silent bid please email Margaret at before 1/5. Highest bidder wins!!! Thank you for your support! Our gratitude goes to Banyan Restaurant​ for giving us this fantastic priz

Need an antidote to the upcoming Royal Wedding or FA Cup on May 19? Book your UK Rally tickets now..

Book your ticket for the Adventure Ashram 2018 UK Rally! Tickets are limited to just 100 this year, and just like seats at the Royal Wedding they're going fast so... book now! Meghan and Harry won't mind you missing their wedding at all and you will also get a chance to win the Adventure Ashram equivalent of the FA cup for Best Bike, Best Car, or Spirit of the Rally! Don't miss out! To book your ticket and find out more about our Rally, please head to our event webpage HERE.

Business Supports Adventure Ashram Spotlight!

This month's spotlight is on Image Factory! Image Factory builds and prints a wide range of materials, from retail window displays to large print posters to cardboard engineering. Committed to bringing your unique and creative ideas and designs to life, they do so in a way that is environmentally conscious, a quality we truly admire! Image Factory is a very valued supporter of our small but mighty charity and they produce our Rally banners, plates, and stickers. For more information on Image Factory, visit their website HERE. Could your business support Adventure Ashram? Follow this link to find out more.

We are off to explore a new country! Join us in Thailand in November for an off-road adventure.

April 13 marked the start of the Songkran Festival in Thailand, which celebrates the Thai New Year. "Songkran" is a word that means change and transformation, and the festival can last for as long as ten days in parts of the country. In the spirit of the Songkran Festival, book your place for our FIRST EVER off road motorbike adventure in Northern Thailand from November 9-22 today! This adventure will take you through the best jungle trails the country has to offer, as well as an opportunity to see some of Thailand's most inspiring charities. Don't miss out on this life changing opportunity! We look forward to embarking on this new adventure with you. For more information on the itinerary an

Stories From the Field. Adventure Ashram Returned Volunteer Rebecca Smith Brings Back Hand Drawn Pic

Returned volunteer Rebecca Smith travelled to India with her mother Caroline Smith for the third time recently and on return brought us some beautifully hand drawn photos from the children at the tuition centre in Masinagudi. The children did a wonderful job and the pictures show some beautiful animals and nature in India! We are excited to display these pictures in our office. The photos below are just some of the amazing pictures the children drew for Adventure Ashram! To learn more about Grace Charitable Trust and sponsoring a child please visit here.

Stories From The Field. Dr. Kolhatkar (AKA Doc!) visits children for health check ups.

Sanjay was born in a rural area with cataracts and needed to undergo surgery to remove them. His lenses were replaced with artificial ones and he now uses bifocal glasses to see clearly to read. Without the help of Doc, Sanjay might have remained blind his whole life. We are SO proud to support Doc's inspiring work. Just £3 a month covers the cost of 4 children's health check ups! For the cost of a coffee you could make an enormous difference to these children's lives. Please consider donating to provide this accessible health care. To learn more visit here. Funds from this year's Adventure Ashram 2018 UK Rally will support Doc's inspiring work. The Rally takes place on 19 May 2018. To lea

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