A fellow biker and yogi is raising money for Odanadi through Yoga Stops Traffick Canada

Geoff Mackenzie is a fellow biker and Yoga teacher and is passionate about the work of Odanadi - so an all round pretty cool guy! During May and June he is biking round Canada, expanding on the inspiring work of Yoga Stops Traffick by rallying fellow yoga communities to come together for Odanadi. Geoff will be holding classes in towns and cities in every province, challenging participants to complete 108 Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) - not an easy task! Funds raised by this great adventure will be given to Odanadi to support the day to day operations of Odanadi's girls' house. Can you donate to this amazing adventure and support Geoff? Click HERE for Geoff's Go Fund Me page for more infor

Meet our latest Adventure Ashram Volunteers Amanda Porter and Louise Crockart. AKA Lou and Mandi!

These 2 amazing women are heading out to Odanadi in August to deliver 'Well Woman Workshop'. Sustainability is the name of the game and they will train the House Mothers and Social Workers in areas related to womens' health, to equip them with highly useful techniques they can pass on to the girls and women. We say a huge Adventure Ashram thank you Lou and Mandi. We have a growing band of volunteers! Click here to learn more about what it means to volunteer with our small but mighty charity. Lou and Mandi would like to raise £1000 for our small but mighty charity. Could you help them to achieve their target? Please click the link to go to their page. https://bit.ly/2LiA0Mc Thank you so much

OUR 2018 UK RALLY RAISED £12,274. We are shouting loud and proud from the roof tops!

What a wonderful weekend in sunny and glorious North Yorkshire. Once again Richie Finney put together the most stunning route through beautiful countryside with the odd challenging bit of driving and riding thrown in for good measure! Huge thanks to Richie as always. The view from the hotel across Robin Hood's Bay was heavenly and coupled with the fine and warm weather it made for a memorable weekend! We were thrilled and delighted to have raised £12,274 - well beyond what we expected, but hey, we are Adventure Ashram after all! We are honoured to support the work of Dr Kolhatakar (Doc to us!) providing health checks to tribal children in Tamil Nadu, South India through our Rally. Read more

Stories from the Field - Doc continued... health checks for rural children!

We are honored to work with Doctor Kolhatakar (or as we call him, Doc!) in India! Doc visits children in rural areas in India to provide health checks. Without these visits, the children would not be able to access health care. These checkups help to keep the children healthy and on track! They also give children suffering from more severe illnesses access to treatment. Countless children have benefitted from his work, and we are proud to support him!!! Pictured below is Nithyasri, who had a middle ear infection and a perforated ear-drum, which took many months to heal. With Doc's care and attention, she was able to heal and gain weight, and head off to school with her peers! Can you support

A message from our CEO, Jemina.

The last few weeks have been the most wonderful whirlwind for me. Learning about the past ten years of adventuring with purpose and the Adventure Ashram community, meeting some of our amazing supporters, and watching Roy, Margaret and the team put together an absolute treat of a Rally for us in Yorkshire next weekend (Move over Harry & Meghan!). So much passion, creativity and love has gone into bringing Adventure Ashram to where we are now. I’m so grateful to Fritha for staying on as a valued Special Advisor, and for the board and the team for welcoming me with open arms. Together we will focus on setting the future direction of our small but mighty charity, building on the firm foundations

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