An update on the work of Odanadi Seva Trust. This isn't the easiest thing to read, but please do

During 2017, with the generosity of our supporters, we raised £5000 to donate to Odanadi Seva Trust to stage a rescue of women and children from situations of human trafficking. After months of surveillance, a raid took place last year, and 3 sisters aged 19, 17 and 15 were taken out of a brothel where they had been given drugs and forced to work as prostitutes by a notorious gang of traffickers. There is so much more to this harrowing story, but now with the help of Odanadi Seva Trust and the funds we were able to send, the girls have been reunited with their mother and they have begun their rehabilitation. The gang members are in custody and awaiting trial. For many years Adventure Ashram

An Adventure Ashram Shoutout for Ganapati Restaurant, Peckham, London.

We have partnered with this excellent kitchen that produces the most delicious south Indian food since November 2018. They very generously run a 'charity table' for us and profits from this dining table are donated to our small but mighty charity! Wonderful! Here is what Ganapati has to say about working with us. "Adventure Ashram was born out of a group of friends’ travel adventures in India, and a desire to give something back to a country and people they had really enjoyed getting to know. This felt very natural to us at Ganapati Restaurant, as it’s a response that many visitors to India bring back with them. Our partnership with Adventure Ashram is in its early days, but so far we have

An update from Tom, who is running the London Marathon in April for us!

"Hi Adventure Ashram! I’ve been keeping rather busy with my training for the big event and was very pleased to receive my Adventure Ashram vest, which is a bit of an eye catcher! December was a tough month with Christmas and man flu, but with just under 15 weeks to go the training plan is now firmly on again! I’ve been getting out for 4-5 runs every week and have been able to avoid any creaks & niggles so far! Very pleased to have raised more than £600 for Adventure Ashram to date but am looking to top this up in the upcoming weeks. Thank you for all your encouragement and support!" We say a huge thank you and wish Tom well with his training efforts! To make a donation to his fundraising pa

The 2019 UK Car and Bike Rally 11th May. Tickets on sale now!

For our 2019 UK Car and Bike Rally, we are off to explore the glorious South Coast of England. Setting out from St Leonards seafront (Hastings), the route will take us through this fascinating area - think the Battle of Hastings, medieval Cinque Ports and of course the charming English seaside! We are set for a fine days riding and driving and great company. It's not to be missed! Grab your tickets now! ​ Established in 2014, Adventure Ashram's UK Car and Bike Rally has become a much looked forward to and permanent fixture in the Adventure Ashram calendar. Bringing together supporters and their friends and family from all around the country, riding beloved bikes and driving some superb cars,

The Manavi Employment Preparation Programme for a second time!

Late last year, thanks to some very generous funding, we were able to deliver a second series of workshops to help a group of 10 boys and girls rescued by Odanadi from situation of human trafficking, prepare for employment and/or training. Led by Margaret our Project Manager, the boys and girls looked at their hopes and dreams for their futures, learned how to create a good first impression at an interview, considered what makes a good CV and had a chance to practise answers to some typical interview questions. At the final workshop a number of employers came along and talked to the group about working in some very exciting sectors, and a former resident of Odanadi spoke about what it is lik

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