STORIES FROM THE FIELD. The Odanadi Boys' Safe House Summer Camp.

The boys are taking part in a fun summer camp for the next couple of weeks organised by Odanadi's wonderful house mothers! The whole house has come together to enjoy playing creative games, dancing, music classes, fun play and crafts. They will also be joined by some of the girls from the Odanadi girls' safe house for some activities too! As the house mothers told us - 'It's a very colourful programme. We hope this camp will refresh their minds and give happiness to them'. If you would like to make a donation towards the valuable work of Odanadi India please click HERE

'ON ANY SUNDAY'. We Invite You For a Spot of Fundraising This September...

Inspired by the renowned and brilliant 1971 documentary, featuring the epically cool Steve McQueen, On Any Sunday celebrated the world of motorcycle racing. Adventure Ashram is asking her supporters far and wide to organise a fundraising event in celebration of the spirit of adventure... and it isn't limited to 2 wheels of the motorised variety... THE BASICS... There are 5 Sundays in September. Organise an activity for one of the Sundays, ask your friends to join you and raise funds for our small but mighty charity, it's that simple. You can organise a walk or run, bicycle/motorcycle ride, a car rally, climb, unicycle, eat curry/drink coffee with friends, dance, run, jog, yoga, shave your b

We Are Absolutely Thrilled To Announce The Total Raised Through Yoga Stops Traffick 2019!!!

An incredible total of £17,750 was raised through more than 80 amazing events across the globe. These funds will go such a long way in supporting survivors of human trafficking in India and specifically in running the Odanadi girls house where up to 60 women and girls at any one time can access a safe home to live in, therapeutic support to help recover from trauma and education/training to re-establish themselves and secure their futures. We cannot thank the amazing YST2019 tribe enough!!! The difference you are making is simply life altering. We have huge plans for 2020! Please stay with us for news soon and get in touch if you'd like to get involved. #yogastopstraffick #YST2019 #stoptraff

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