Do something amazing this October!!

There's still time to join us for On Any Sunday!! Can you spare a part of your Sunday this October to do something amazing?! India has been hit hard by Covid-19. The current climate disproportionately affects the world’s most vulnerable communities and funding to many small charities has been reduced or cut altogether. We have been working with our partners in India for several years and have been through many ups and downs with them. Adventure Ashram is determined to continue supporting these great causes through the current uncertainty, but we do need your help!! There are 3 Sundays left in October and we'd love you to join us for our second On Any Sunday campaign! You can run, hike, bike,

A warm Adventure Ashram welcome!

Please say hello to Chloe, our new Communications & Campaigns Administrator! Chloe has been volunteering for our Yoga Stops Traffick campaign since 2019 and even managed to visit Odanadi in March, just before the lockdown. She has now joined our small part time team in a more official capacity and we are so pleased and excited to have her with us! We hope you get a chance to meet Chloe face to face at the UK rally in April! In the meantime a huge, heartfelt Adventure Ashram welcome!

A little update from our friend Doc

Hello All from beautiful Kodai! COVID be damned! Kodai is still the place we love above all others! Schools, and the Bethania creches have been closed since March. There's a possibility they may open in October, but that depends on the COVID situation. In Kodai, we were relatively safe until June, when a few super-spreader events introduced it into the community. Now, with tourists allowed in, there's more and more. We're waiting to resume the work at the creches, always keeping in mind the safety of the students, staff, and health-care professionals. Much gratitude to all of you for your continued support! Love, Doc Sending Doc and the families in Kodai our very best wishes! We can't wait t

Sending well wishes to Odanadi!

Our friends at Odanadi Seva Trust have been keeping very busy during lockdown. The residents have been safe and well but unfortunately both directors Stanly and Parashu have been affected by the virus over the last few weeks. They have been slowly recovering, gaining strength and returning back to work. Please join us in sending them all our very best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!

An update from Mudumalai Tiger Reserve

Solomon and the children send everyone their love and well wishes! The schools around Masinagudi remain closed for now, but the 6 tuition centres in the villages continue to support the children with computer lessons and a dedicated place to focus on their online learning. Thank you to friends of Adventure Ashram for continuing to support the education of children in the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve during these uncertain times. It is with your help that we can ensure there is a place waiting for these children in their local schools and that their learning journeys are disrupted as little as possible.

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