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Stories From the Field. Meet Ragu!

We recently received such a great up-date from Ragu, one of our sponsored children. What a wonderful read!

Hi friends, First of all I want to thank you from bottom of my heart for educating me.My name is Ragu, my father name is Rangasamy. My mother name is Valli. I live in Siriyur village which is situated deep inside the reserve. My mom is a daily worker in the local and my dad is a mentally sick man so he doesn't earn anything also he has separated himself from the family. I've got four younger brothers. My mother felt so difficult to send us school because she couldn't earn much to run our family and support us. Since I'm the elder son in the family, I personally thought to discontinue the studies and help my father and mother by doing some work for daily wages. When Adventure Ashram's support came to our village through GCT, I was extremely happy and I thought I could continue my studies. My mother was so happy about that. Now I'm studying in 10th Std and I'm going to write my public exams. Now I enjoy my studies and I have a goal to achieve a great place in my community. I have a dream to become a forest officer. Because since I live in the jungle I want to save my peaceful environment. Also I enjoy very much in travelling to my school with my friends by the bus Adventure Ashram gave us. All children in the village feel that it is our own bus and we take care of the bus and the driver thatha (grand father) Mohan who dedicate himself for the children. Now we have no problem for anything. My sincere and special thanks to all the Adventurers who are being part of this wonderful life we could ever imagine. If you didn't support us then we would have been working for someone in the jungle and our life would have been lost. So thank you so much. We all in the family and village want to see you and hug you. So please try to visit us one day. My heartfelt thanks to Fritha and all others who are making my dream come true. yours with lovely regards R. Ragu

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