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Deborah Slator: Adventure Story

DEBORAH'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Take every opportunity to explore! Visit as many local facilities as possible. There are wonderful people tucked away everywhere

My India Adventure

Elephants, bison, snakes, spiders, a porcupine, a chameleon, monkeys, chickens , cats, dogs goats and cows so many cows. For someone who loves nature this alone was a dream come true. Although I could not possibly have known in reality what a wonderful place I was to visit.

The colour of India, the vitality, the warmth, the beautiful scenery, and the smiles of everyone made my eyes open wider than they have ever been.

I asked so many questions, met so many people and left feeling that a part of me belonged to this wonderful Country.

I came to teach the children some basic first aid skills, they absorbed every morsel of information and showed no hesitation in practicing their new found skills. They were a joy to teach and put some of my adult learners in the UK to shame.

I know I took far more from India than I gave, watching simple lifestyles is a humble experience. Thinking about simple things like the food we eat and how we live in a throw-away society in the UK. My new friends had the brightest and most honest smiles they were simply happy to share a wave or a simple greeting. Sharing meals, sharing mini safaris, playing games, whatever activitiy we undertook time seemed to stand still. The generosity of everyone, some who could ill afford to be generous was inspiring.

South India is like going into the movie jungle book, at times a little scary but very natural with a feeling you could stay there forever. Coming home to my every day life seemed a little odd.

Deborah Slator, Adventure Ashram Volunteer

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