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Katy Putzker: Adventure Story

KATY'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Allow those around you to pull you into your next adventure. It may be your best one yet.

My all time favorite memory interning with Adventure Ashram was by far the UK Bike and Car Rally 2016 weekend. I had worked for about 4 months for Adventure Ashram at this point, each day more rewarding than the last. I was finally putting all the names to faces and meeting all of the amazing people who support our small, but mighty charity. I was welcomed into the Adventure Ashram family right away as all of you wanted to hear about my story, but also tell me yours. I was right at home in the best way. I felt as if I had known all of you forever. I got to watch as all of you embarked off on your journey, meet you at your half-way point (while hanging with the coolest dog, Ned), and congratulate you as you pulled back into the hotel at the end of the day. I shared a pint and a laugh with most of you while talking you into buying all the raffle tickets I had. I shared my story to a room full of eager ears and listened eagerly as you told your stories with Adventure Ashram in India. I dreamed of going to India one day and seeing first hand the amazing work we are doing together. That dream is still alive today and I hope one day to return to the UK Bike and Car Rally to see all of the progress we have made. Thank you to all of you who made my time at Adventure Ashram one of the best experiences I have ever had. I continue to follow and support your adventures from across the pond in the US.

Katy Putzker, Adventure Ashram Intern

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