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Stories From The Field. A letter of thanks with an update about the children from our Education Spon

Hi all supporters,

I'm very delighted to share whats is happening here with all your support. The new academic year 2018 is very good for all the children because all our sponsoring children in 10 different villages were graduated and moved to the next level of their education. So they are happy to go the new classes and many are to the new schools with their new uniforms, with new school bags, with new note books and with new friends. Now they are all doing well in their studies and feeling happy everyday.

There are three girls from two villages moved to the college in Ooty. This is a very important step for Grace Charitable Trust to support them to go to the college and making them to become what they want in their lives. The parents are so happy to work with us and they are encouraging their children to work hard in their studies even though they are illiterates. This is a another stepping stone for GCT. So all your money, love and support is helping us to work more and more for these tribal children in Masinagudi area. I want to thank each of you for all your support.

With Love

Solomon Daniel

What great progress the children are making, we are so proud to support the work of Solomon Daniel and Grace Charitable Trust. Could you sponsor the education of a child and make a difference to their lives? Click HERE for more information.

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