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Stories From The Field: An up-date on the work of our latest volunteers.

We shouted loud and proud when our latest volunteers Louise Crockart and Amanda Porter headed to Mysore in South India to teach a 'Well Woman' group of workshops at Odanadi India - a charity that works tirelessly to address all forms of sexual violence, that we have been proud to support since 2012. Mandi and Lou's time at Odanadi was highly successful and we are so thrilled to report that the self-care techniques they taught the girls and women continue to be practised on a regular basis by all those who came along to their workshops. Sustainability is the essence of volunteering and Lou and Mandi's valuable work is a shining example of this. Check out the photographs! Inspired to volunteer, share your skills and making a real difference? Click the link for more details about the Adventure Ashram Volunteer Programme.

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