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News from Odanadi's training centres

Research shows that almost a quarter of trafficking victims are re-trafficked, which is why it is important for the young survivors to be well-prepared for life outside of their safe-housing. Our Indian grassroots partner, Odanadi, provides vocational training opportunities for the young residents through Odanadi’s own bakery school, mechanics workshop and beautician school. These training programs enable the residents to learn a trade, build their confidence, and gain financial independence.

Whilst Odanadi's training centres were forced to temporarily close their doors due to local lockdown restrictions and to help prevent transmission of Covid-19, the senior residents passed on their knowledge by teaching their junior peers at the beautician training centre. This helped the students to continue to develop their skills and consolidate their learning.

We are pleased to announce that the bakery and beautician training schools have now been able to reopen and are running successfully. The mechanics workshop is set to re-open very soon and we look forward to updating you on the students’ progress!

Find out more about Adventure Ashram's anti-human trafficking projects here. Or, click here to make a donation to support this project.


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