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Charity CEO Podcast


Siobhan was interviewed on the Charity CEO Podcast, released 6 Feb 2023. 

Siobhan discusses Adventure Ashram's partnership delivery model, as well as mobilising for the iconic Yoga Stops Traffic global event with a small, part-time team, showcasing the power of collective action. 

Siobhan also sounds a rallying cry for the value and importance of small charities, with a reminder that all charities, no matter how large or small, are made up of a community of people who care deeply about a cause, and this, is what makes them powerful change-makers. 

Siobhan McCarthy Morton / CEO

Siobhan joined Adventure Ashram as CEO in 2022 and is passionate about this small but mighty charity because it “seeks to channel the spirit of adventure to help others access freedom. Everyone deserves the chance to enjoy their own adventure, whatever that may be”.

Siobhan has many years’ experience in the charity sector, most recently as Head of Operations at children’s charity ECHO, which supports children with heart conditions and their families. Prior to this Siobhan was Head of Marketing at a multi-million-pound grant-making charity. Siobhan is currently a Trustee at Women’s Aid in Luton, which provides emergency refuge for women and children escaping domestic abuse.

In the past Siobhan also spent five years as a trustee for a grant-making charity funding medical aid in South-East Asia, and therefore has personal experience of how traveling to a new place can inspire people to want to give back to the communities they visit.

Siobhan is a lifelong passionate advocate of adventure! Adventure highlights include hiking around the sky burial sites of western China, dodging leeches whilst trekking through the jungles of Sumatra, walking in wonder through the Andes Mountains and taking in the beauty that is Scotland. Siobhan’s favourite adventure story takes her back to childhood and “The Fantastic Flying Journey” by Gerald Durrell, which she holds responsible for sparking her own spirit of adventure.

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