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Vicky Drake / Education Sponsorship Volunteer     

I am a retired IT professional. I started my career as a Trainee Computer Programmer in the 70s, back when it was sexy not nerdy! Having worked in many different IT roles I completed my career as a Project Manager. I live in Ross-on-Wye and love the peace and quiet of the countryside but with the facilities of a small town available nearby.

I have always viewed retirement as an opportunity to  fulfill long held ambitions, and enjoy new experiences  rather than a time to put my feet up and relax.

One of my ambitions, aspired to from my many travels around the world, was to live and work in a community overseas, Through a number of fortuitous circumstances I found Adventure Ashram, who facilitated the achievement of this ambition. They arranged for me to be in Masinagudi teaching IT and English to local school children and then to spend time at Odanadi, working with young people enrolled on the Employment Workshop Programme. These amazing experiences assured me that I wanted to continue my involvement with Adventure Ashram and I am really happy that I can support them as Volunteer Education Sponsorship Administrator.

Sadly, I'm probably too old and scared to start riding a motorbike!

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