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For the past nine years Dr Kolhatkar and Adventure Ashram have supported hundreds of underprivileged creche-aged children in the Kodai area with regular health checks, nutritional supplements, and vital health care support. In 2021, Dr Kohatkar announced he was stepping down from his work providing health check-ups for the children in the creches in Tamil Nadu, India.

Dr Kolhatkar made weekly visits to several creches in the region, examining any child who appeared unwell, as well as providing general health check-ups for all the children attending the creches. Dr Kolhatkar saw between 50-80 children each week. Through this vital health care support, the communities within the Palani Hills have experienced improvement in general health, they have established trusting relationships with health professionals as well as gaining access to medicines and specialist health care previously unavailable to them. 

Dr Kolhatkar also made visits to a local village clinic where he saw between 5 and 15 patients on each visit and was able to follow up with children living with chronic conditions as well as treating acute illness. Dr Kolhatkar was able to access funds for expensive on-going treatment for any chronically sick child who needed long term treatment through the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children.

Adventure Ashram has been very proud to support this valuable work and we want to thank Doc wholeheartedly for his vision, dedication, and passion for providing a healthier future for so many young children.


Dr. Arun Kolhatkar providing children regular health checks at creche's in the Palani Hills.

Completed: Accessible healthcare for vulnerable children in Tamil Nadu

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