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Completed: Building a Solar Eco Community Centre in Spiti Valley, Himalayas


In 2011 Adventure Ashram commenced a project in partnership with UK registered charity, Spiti Projects Charity to build an eco community centre for the families living in Kaza, Spiti Valley. Spiti Projects have more than 30 years’ experience working in the Spiti Valley region, serving its communities with access to education and health care projects. 


Adventure Ashram helped fund the construction of the centre using earth-based technologies which are cost and energy effective and earthquake resistant. The building uses mud bricks, a traditional form of building with thermal properties which capture the energy of the sun and heat the air inside the building.


The first of its kind in the area, the centre serves as a community hub with a dentist, an eye clinic, a handicraft centre, home-stays for visitors to the valley and a space for the community to come together. The centre also showcases ecological building methods that harness the energy of the sun to produce warmth. 


The grand opening of the community centre was a celebration to remembered.  People from across the Valley attended the celebrations and monks came from a local cemetery to perform a special dance!  

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