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Become a Friend of Odula

Adventure Ashram has played a vital role in the enduring success of Odula – the Adventure Ashram home for boys and teenage young men. This beautiful setting is a warm and nurturing home for up to 30 young people, and also the onsite motorcycle mechanics workshop and training centre.


We are seeking to form a ‘Friends of Odula’ network, whereby we join together to ensure we raise the £12,000 required each year to fund the boy’s home.


£12,000 pays for the following for an entire year:


  • Salaries of the house mother, social worker and cook who live onsite

  • Food and clothing for all residents

  • Utility and energy costs

  • Activities and general upkeep of the grounds.


In other words, £12,000 pays for everything needed to support all of the boys and the staff team required to care for them – for an entire year!


Will you consider becoming a ‘Friend of Odula’ and help to keep the Boy’s Home operating?

Please donate via the button below and become a 'Friend of Odula'.


Please contact Siobhan for more information:

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