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Adventure For Freedom!

Adventure Ashram was founded by a group of Adventurers – friends who were committed to supporting charitable projects they passionately believed in, which helped people to access freedom. 

Today we continue this important work – capturing the very essence of adventure and dedicated to helping people access freedom via the projects we support.  

We invite all those with an adventurous spirit to partner with us and raise money for our work in India, focused on anti-human trafficking and furthering education. 

Calling all Adventurers! Ways you can get involved:

Walk, cycle, run, swim, hike or ride a challenge of your own making. 

We are inviting adventurous change-makers to join us in helping others access freedom. By partnering with us you will be supporting our vital work and that of our partner organisations in India.  

What we can give you in return:  

  • An Adventure Ashram t-shirt  

  • Help setting up a dedicated fundraising page and sponsorship forms etc  

  • Further information about the projects you are supporting in India  

Why join us? 

  • Accelerate your athletic adventures – move in the knowledge you are creating meaning beyond yourself. 

  • In partnering with us you can feel proud of what you are accomplishing - taking an active role in helping others. 

  • The past 2 years has shown us you can take nothing for granted – take up an adventure today because who knows what tomorrow will bring. Life is for adventure! 

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