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Against Human Trafficking

Odanadi Seva Trust

Supporting survivors of human trafficking

Adventure Ashram is committed to supporting survivors of human trafficking and has helped thousands of women and children access safe shelter and therapeutic support. We work closely with our Indian grassroots partner Odanadi Seva Trust, in Mysore, South India to help rescue and rehabilitate young survivors of human trafficking, domestic and sexual violence, slavery, and child marriage.

Initially, we worked with Odanadi building a safe house for trafficked boys as a replacement dwelling for their previous accommodation which was completely inadequate. Since completing the build, we have supported the annual running costs, including food, clothing, and rehabilitation activities for the boys. Since 2018 we have expanded our support to Odanadi's safe house for girls and women. We now help house and rehabilitate up to 100 survivors at any one time.

At Odanadi, the young survivors receive the support they need to heal, empower, and eventually reintegrate themselves into society as confident individuals. The survivors gain access to education and tailored therapeutic support including counselling, yoga, karate, acupuncture, social services, and legal support.

Research shows that almost a quarter of trafficking victims are re-trafficked, which is why it is important for residents to be well-prepared for life outside of Odanadi. The residents are provided with vocational training opportunities through Odanadi’s own bakery school, mechanics workshop and beautician school. These training programs enable the residents to learn a trade, build their confidence, and gain financial independence.

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Donation Guide

£5 = food supplies to support one survivor for 2 weeks

£10 = food supplies to support one survivor for a month

£20 = one month’s training for a survivor in the bakery or beautician training centre

£80 = clean clothing for one girl/young woman for a year


Approx. £100 = daily running costs of the girl’s house (including food and clothing listed previously)

Project Impact


410 traffickers

brought to justice

Book icon.png

600 +

accessed vocational training

Heart icon.png

13,000 +
women & children

rescued from human trafficking

Project Update

We are delighted to announce that Odanadi’s mechanic’s workshop officially opened its doors in 2020 to the first cohort of students!

Adventure Ashram 1.jpg

Each year around 30 young people will benefit from specialist training at the workshop. Learning from skilled tutors, they will become the confident and skilled mechanics of the future! The workshop not only provides training opportunities for the young survivors but will also generate much-needed income for Odanadi. We have plans to attract local customers to use the workshop for their own car/bike maintenance and servicing. Innovative and exciting times are ahead! We look forward to updating you on the progress of the current cohort of students soon!

“The Workshop is a great hope for our young people. The young people who are on their way to becoming adults will now be able to join society with vital employable skills and confidence. Our sincere and hearty gratitude is always there for all good hearts at Adventure Ashram.”

- Stanley and Parashu, founders of Odanadi Seva Trust

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