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Mission, Vision, Values


 Adventure Ashram is the adventurers’ charity. We raise funds to actively support and make grants to small grassroots organisations, currently focused on anti-human trafficking and access to education and healthcare in South India.   


Adventure Ashram’s vision is a world without injustice, in which all people can enjoy their rights, their self-determination and their freedom.  


Adventure Ashram’s mission is to empower people in India, and elsewhere in the world, by strengthening local communities, supporting self-determination and facilitating access to education and healthcare.   


Adventure Ashram’s Key Values are the principles on which our work is based on. Adventure Ashram, as an organisation, strives to be:  

  • Transparent, Trustworthy & Accountable  

  • Efficient & Driven  

  • Fun & Dynamic  

  • Adventurous  

  • Approachable & Open  

  • Professional

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