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Adventure in the Sky!

Udesh and Margaret, two of our fantastic trustees - plus Aleks one of our lovely volunteers - are embarking on an 'Adventure in the Sky' for Adventure Ashram this year - and jumping out of a plane!!

Please support this fabulous team with a donation:

Adventure Ashram: Adventure in the Sky! (


Are you brave enough to join them? We are seeking brave adventurers to join Udesh and Margaret in our Team Sky Dive Challenge 2023. 


Join #TeamAdventureAshram and skydive at one of 20 different locations across the UK, on a date that suits you. Take on a tandem jump – the easiest and most popular skydive option, you'll be securely strapped to your instructor as you jump from over 10,000 ft, reaching speeds of 120mph.


What we can do in return:

  • Free Adventure Ashram t-shirt to wear on the day

  • Help setting up a dedicated fundraising page - or join our Team Page

  • Further information about the projects you are supporting in India  

  • The team will be an email / phone call away for a pre-jump pep talk or top tips to help you smash your fundraising target.

  • Knowledge that you’re doing a pretty great thing by helping some fantastic grassroots charities in India!


Up for the adventure?


If you'd like to take part we ask that you raise a minimum of £495 - this will include the cost of your jump. All participants must pay a £70 deposit directly with Skyline.


If you've decided that a skydive is the challenge for you,

sign up online today and if you have any questions please email 


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