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Rehabilitation of children affected by human trafficking


Charity: Odanadi Seva Trust
Project objective: To support the long term development and day to day running costs of the boys' house 'Odula'

Location of the project: Mysore, Karnataka

Project funding to date: £157,000

Project Commenced:  January 2012

Status: Ongoing

What does the charity do, who does it help and who runs it?

Odanadi Seva Trust is a Human Rights organisation fighting for the rights of women and children. Odanadi Seva Trust physically rescue women and children from the hands of human traffickers, and in some cases provide these women and children with a long term home. They run 2 houses,'Odula' for boys and 'Madilu' for girls. Odanadi Seva Trust is run by Stanly and Parashu who founded the charity with a group of highly skilled staff. Since the charity's conception they have rescued over 13,000 women and children from the hands of human traffickers.

What social issue is the charity addressing?

Human trafficking is an every day occurrence in India. Young people in difficult circumstances are lured away from their homes by criminal trafficking networks. In the hands of these traffickers, children are sold often to brothel keepers or into domestic slavery and are exploited and robbed of their childhood, facing situations no child (or adult) should ever have to face. Trafficking networks are difficult to break requiring expert knowledge and influence, which is where Stanly and Parashu's expertise is invaluable. Odanadi Seva Trust believe that anyone trapped by traffickers should be rescued, rehabilitated and allowed to reintegrate into society. 

What has been achieved through the Odanadi Seva Trust and Adventure Ashram Partnership?

The Adventure Ashram Trustees and supporters were crucial contributors for the initial build of the boys house in 2012. Since then, with the generosity and aid of our supporters, Adventure Ashram has helped build a security wall around the perimeter of the boys' house, install a secure gate at the entrance, construct a food hall, build a much wanted duck pond, and contribute towards the day to day running costs of the house. 

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Adventure Ashram initial grant of £68,000 ensured the boys house building project was completed. The house has been named ‘Odula’, which means ‘mother embracing her son’.

Click here to read an article by The Guardian Newspaper celebrating the work of Stanly and Parashuram, the founders of Odanadi.

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