Access to education for  tribal children 




Charity: Grace Charitable Trust
Project objective: To enable tribal children in remote areas to attend school by providing school buses and covering the cost of their education.
Project funding to date: £245,000
Project commenced: June 2011

Adventure Ashram is helping fund the education of more than 250 tribal children in the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu, south India. To date we have funded the purchase and running costs of 3 school buses and built tuition centres in 3 local villages. This support means that the children can access education, learn about the world around them and increase their life opportunities.  


Adventure Ashram also runs an Education Sponsorship Programme where our supporters can choose to cover the costs of a child's education. By sponsoring the education of one of the children from the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, you will provide a child and their family with greater opportunities for further study, economic security and a more fulfilled life. 


A donation of £21.67 per month or a one off annual donation of £260 covers one child's:


  • School fees

  • School uniform and bag

  • Text and exercise books and other stationery 

  • Regular health check

  • An opportunity to attend one of our tuition centres after school to receive additional support with learning by a village teacher

  • A contribution towards the salary of a village teacher

  • A place on the school bus

  • A contribution towards the maintenance of the bus, the diesel and the driver's salary


Please click on the Become a Sponsor button at the top of the page to give a child the gift of an education.