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The Adventure Ashram Emergency Fund



Fritha attended a workshop on Disaster Relief Reduction (DRR) in India.  She shared her learning with us and this has been very thought provoking.  So much so that we asked Fritha to go back to talk to our charity partners about the potential disasters they may face.  Through some robust conversations we learnt they face a variety of potential disasters from spread of disease, financial losses caused by changes in policy, road traffic accidents and loss of life through violence.  We were shocked to learn about 2 staff members of Odanadi Seva Trust who lost their lives in violent attacks while protecting women and children.  There were no emergency funds to support their families in the aftermath.  


The bottom line is that all the charities we support don't hold emergency funds and we feel it is our duty to be ready to support our partners when they need us.  We will hold a fund of restricted income, a minimum of £10,000, to ensure we do this. At the point an emergency hits, our partner charities will know to ask us for the funds they need.  An immediate emergency trustee meeting will take place and a decision over the funds will be agreed.  For larger emergencies, it may be decided that Adventure Ashram will set up an emergency fundraising campaign. Once the Emergency Fund is established a trustee will be appointed to over-see this area of our work.  


We want to raise a minimum of £10,000 for this vital resource for our wonderful charity partners who work so tirelessly on the ground.  Please help us to reach our goal by donating to the fund through our crowdfunding campaign.  


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