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We have some spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime prizes up for grabs, all to raise funds for Adventure Ashram! Take a look at the fabulous auction lots on offer and make your bids HERE

Special Auction Prize:

Win a place on Nomadic Knight's much-coveted Grand Canyon India The Recce Motorcycle Adventure... and ride a VERY, VERY special Bullet! 15-29 January 2022*.

AND... you'll get to ride number 56 of the 'Tribute Black - Made to Order - End of Build Special. One of the very last 500cc Royal Enfield Bullets, which also happens to belong to Alex Pirie, Nomadic Knights Founder & Lead Rider and donator of this incredible prize. Existing riders already booked on this SOLD OUT adventure can also bid and if the bid is successful, you simply pay Adventure Ashram as opposed to Nomadic Knights.... best of luck and happy bidding.

Have a read of what's in store for the lucky winner.

"This is a brand-new ride and a mostly unridden route for Nomadic Knights. We’re riding it as recce... Hopefully, we’ll know where we’re going by then... Let me explain. This is our fourth recce ride and what we do on these rides is to pick roads and destinations that we haven’t been before. It’s new for all of us. Including the team.

We know our way around India pretty well but if I tell you that we won’t get lost or take the wrong road, I don’t think I’d be telling you the truth.

There’s something very appealing about not knowing and just taking the day as it comes. I believe it to be motorcycle adventure in its truest form.

January is a fantastic time to ride in South India weather wise. Cool evenings and bright, warm, sunny days.

We’re starting in Goa and riding east, through Karnataka and over to the state of Andhra Pradesh. We’ll hopefully spend the night at an amazing place called Gandikoti. It’s also known as the Grand Canyon of India. I’ve never been but it looks fantastic.

I’ve also planned a night on a private island in the Arabian Sea. It can only be accessed by boat and it’s looking like we’ll have the whole island to ourselves. That will be very special. I also heard it has a well-stocked bar.

If you’ve ridden South India before, then you’ll know how special it is."

Alex, Nomadic Knights Founder & Lead Rider

Check out all the details on Nomadic Knights website HERE.

T&Cs apply

How to make a bid.

*Please note, due to the current COVID-19 situation in India bidding on this prize is via email. To place a bid on this prize, please email your bid between Friday, 23rd April - Friday, 21st May at 5pm. Click on the button below.

Current highest bid: £3,500

Bidding increments are: £100

Important COVID-19 information: a £100 deposit will be required from the winning bidder to secure the prize and the remaining amount to be paid at a later date. If this prize cannot be delivered due to COVID-19, the winning bidder will have their deposit fully refunded by Adventure Ashram.

Grand Canyon_concept_with AA logo.jpg

“This is a unique opportunity that’s not available anywhere else in the world. The 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet is no longer made. But, you can still ride a very special one. I'm making available to the lucky rider, one of the last to roll off the production line here in India. 


But not just any Bullet. It is number 56 of the 'Tribute Black - Made to Order - End of Build Special! This couldn’t be bought from any showroom. As the name suggests, it was built to order and offered to just a few lucky customers. This is my own personal motorcycle so you need to look after it.

Existing riders already booked on the adventure can also bid and if the bid is successful, you simply pay Adventure Ashram as opposed to Nomadic Knights.... best of luck and happy bidding".


Alex, Nomadic Knights Founder & Lead Rider

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