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Completed: Tuition Centres for Tribal Children


Alongside our Indian grassroots partner, Grace Charitable Trust, Adventure Ashram have helped hundreds of tribal children living within the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu, South India, access education and greater opportunities for further study, economic security and a more fulfilled life. In 2015, Adventure Ashram funded the building of 3 tuition centres for the children living at the Reserve. These centres replaced the rented buildings previously used which were cramped, had roof damage caused by heavy rainfall and completely inadequate for the number of children who wished to use the facilities. The tuition centres now provide a safe space for the children to learn, play and explore!


Adventure Ashram continue to support the children and families living in and around the Reserve by funding the purchase and running costs of 2 schools buses which provide the children with safe transport to and from school. Adventure Ashram also currently support the education of more than 250 children through our Child Sponsorship Program, which helps cover the costs of school fees, text books and school uniforms. 


Find out more about our Education Sponsorship Program here! 

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