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Adventure Ashram's

South India Volunteer Trip 5-14 November 2015




Adventure Ashram will invoice volunteers for the following expenses prior to trip:


  • Basic accommodation (£30 per night for 9 nights = £270)*

  • Transfers from Mysore to Masinagudi (£40 per person approx.)*

  • Contribution to the special activities organised and run by the projects for the benefit of volunteers (£100 per person)

  • Contribution towards the cost of sending Sarah Goodwin as an Adventure Ashram representative (£100 per person)

Volunteers traveling on the this trip last year spent approximately £1,800 on the whole trip. Costs are dependent on size of group*. 


Adventure Ashram will invoice you for the above costs 8 weeks before departure. In addition to the above costs, volunteers are asked to fundraise or donate £1,000 to Adventure Ashram and we ask that this money is raised/donated a minimum of 8 weeks before the trip.  

The itinerary will include (subject to change):

Day 1: Arrive in Mysore, acclimatise and attend Volunteer Welcome Dinner hosted by Roy and Udesh.

Day 2: Meet the team at Odanadi, receive a short presentation on the charity, begin the project at the Odanadi's boy’s house. 

Day 3: Spend the day at the boy’s house working on the project and meeting the boys in the evening. Visit Mysore Palace and volunteers may like to buy Indian clothes for the celebration later in the week. Dinner at a South India restaurant. 

Day 4: Spend the morning finishing off the project at the boys house. In the afternoon travel to Masinagudi by road, a 2 hour drive. Attend a welcome dinner hosted by Grace Charitable Trust and Solomon Daniel. 

Day 5: In the morning receive a short presentation about Grace Charitable Trust and then head out to the village to help on the latrine building project. Meet the children off their school bus and play games such as volleyball and football. Have dinner in Masinagudi and then the evening at one of the village afterschool clubs doing arts and craft with the children.

Day 6: Visit Good Shepherd School in the morning and meet your buddy teacher who you will join the next day to attend lessons with the children. Having met the class, we hope you will use the afternoon to plan activities suitable to engage and inspire children the next day. In the afternoon do your lesson planning for the next day. Spend the evening at an afterschool club in the village and go for a night drive to spot Wildlife. 

Day 7: With the teacher, lead the class of children in the planned activities. After school enjoy a relaxing dinner and drinks with other volunteers to share experiences. 

Day 8: Accompany Solomon and a group of children on a day trip to Otty to ride on a steam train, have a boat ride and expect lots of fun and laughter!

Day 9: Spend the morning helping Sarah and the children write postcards to send to all the child sponsors. In the afternoon relax and get ready in your new Indian dress for the tribal dance organised by the children and villagers in celebration of International Children's day. As part of the celebration you will give out the Adventure Ashram Achievement Awards to the children, which is a real highlight for them and will be for you as well. There will be plenty of food to share. 


This is a sample itinerary of possible activities throughout the week. The final itinerary will be published and sent to you approximately 6 weeks before the trip. 

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

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