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The adventurers' charity


About us

We are a small but mighty charity dedicated to providing safe shelter and therapeutic support for survivors of human trafficking and access to education for children in South India. We work closely alongside our grassroots charity partners to support them in fundraising, project evaluation and capacity building. It is an exciting time at Adventure Ashram and in 2023, we plan to expand our reach to help displaced people along the Thai-Myanmar border.


Adventure Ashram was established as a registered charity (UK Registered Charity No.1122629) in 2007 by a group of adventurers who believed that healthcare, education, safety, and freedom should be accessible to all. The word 'Ashram' part derives from the ancient Sanskrit word for protection. Our desire is to help others access freedom and enable those we support to make their own choices about their futures. We exist to bring about positive change.   

The firm belief in the spirit of adventure and its value in bringing about positive change in the world still steers the organisation today. Alongside our supporters, we celebrate the intrepid and give back to the communities that we have formed bonds with along our travels and have captured our hearts.

So far, we've raised over £1 million to support survivors of human trafficking and provide educational opportunities and access to healthcare for families and children in South India.

Our trustees and staff each play a part in the monitoring and evaluating of the work we fund. Visits to our projects are made throughout the year when our staff and trustees lend a hand to the projects we support. Our intention is that Adventure Ashram's contribution should be life changing so we measure the impact on the lives of the individuals and communities that we have helped.

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Alongside our grassroots charity partners, we have helped:

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Rescue & rehabilitate more than 13,000 women and children affected by human trafficking


Bring over 450 traffickers to justice

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Educate tens of thousands of men, women & children about sexual exploitation

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500 children access education & build 3 tuition centres in Tamil Nadu, South India

We are grateful to everyone involved in Adventure Ashram’s formation and development. We look forward to continuing to grow our positive impact as we work to create a world where everyone is free to pursue their own adventure in life. 

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