Adventure Ashram is a charity founded and supported by adventurers.


The bond created through our passion for adventure offers protection to the people that live in the places we explore.


Adventure Ashram’s mission is to help the poorest people on or around the routes our adventures travels through. Adventure Ashram is currently working in North and South India with health and education projects.


As Adventure Ashram trustees, we each play a part in the monitoring and evaluating of the work we fund. Visits to our projects are made during the year when trustees visit India to travel with volunteers and lend a hand to our the projects we support. Our intention is that Adventure Ashram's contribution should be life changing so we measure the impact on the lives of the individuals and communities that we have helped. We then review the work and plan for the future. Already we are delighted with the improvements in health and education made by our five projects. Click here to read our 2012 Annual Review.


Our charity's history:

Adventure Ashram was founded and registered as a UK charity in 2007. The adventure part of the charity's name comes from the company Global Enduro who ran fundraising adventurers for motorcyclists and car enthusiasts in India. Ashram part derives from the ancient Sanskrit word for protection. The owner of Global Enduro, Simon Smith, and his fellow adventurers wanted to offer "protection" to the communities they visited on their adventures. Adventure Ashram began as a grant giving organisation, that gave funds to small grass roots charities that the adventurers met on their travels. Funds raised and donated by motorcylists and drivers through Global Enduro exceeded £400,000.


Adventure Ashram is very grateful to everyone involved in its formation and development and is now in a strong established position to continue this work with other adventurers and adventure travel companies who build special relationships with the poorest communities who welcome them on their travels.


Our supporters make regular trips to the incredible Himalayas, this image was taken in Spiti Valley where we are funding the Building a ‘Solar Eco’ Community Centre in Kaza. Click here for more details of this incredible project.