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Grace Charitable Trust: Educating tribal children from Mudumalai Tiger Reserve


Charity: Grace Charitable Trust
Project objective: To enable 230 children to attend school and continue to their graduation by providing safe access and covering the cost of their education.
Project funding:

£30,000 to purchase 3 school buses,

£6,000 to build a block of latrines,  
£31,050 granted annually to cover children’s education.
Project Length: ongoing (Commenced June 2011)
Status: In Progress

Adventure Ashram is funding the work of education and welfare charity, Grace Charitable Trust. It is an Indian registered, grass roots charity based in Masinagudi, Tamilnadu run by Solomon Daniel and a board of trustees. Solomon is a local man, well known for his passion and drive to help children take advantage of the opportunities that come as a result of education. Solomon recognised that there are a number of barriers preventing children in his area from attending school. The 3 main barriers were the expense, the lack of transport to and from school and the absence of a parent to help get the children ready for school each day. Solomon set about helping these children access their education. 

For more information click on the PDF symbol to download our factsheet and Sponsor a child information pack.

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