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Festive Appeal 2022

Adventure Ashram has lost £40,000 in expected income this year. 

The many challenges of recent times have hit Adventure Ashram hard, but the women and children we support need help more than ever. Our partner charities in India rely on us to fund their vital, life saving work. Together we've helped thousands of women and children escape violence and abuse and rebuild their lives while gaining educational and professional skills to help break free from their past.

The money we raise saves live. It rebuilds lives. It empowers people to live the life they deserve. 

We're a small but mighty charity and your donation goes a long way, straight to the people who need it. We fund education projects in rural India, plus safe shelter and life opportunities for women and children rescued from situations of human trafficking. 

Please donate to Adventure Ashram this festive season and help women and children in need. Every pound helps. 

We're worried if we don't increase our income now, we won't be here next Christmas. 

You can also help Adventure Ashram by setting up your own fundraising adventure to raise funds or by volunteering. Please contact to find out more. 

Thank you for your kindness.

We'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who can make a donation by clicking the green button below.

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