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Adventure Ashram's

South India Volunteer Trip 10-20 November 2016


Join a team of volunteers on a life affirming 10 day adventure offering you an experience of South Indian life like no other. Through visits to two projects supported by Adventure Ashram, Odanadi, Mysore and Grace Charitable Trust, Masinagudi, you will have many opportunities to learn first hand what fantastic work is being done at these two wonderful projects. You can also lend a helping hand, exchange notes on the difference between your life and the lives of the people you meet and see how the vital money you have raised and donated is being spent to improve health and education. The results have been dramatic.

On each volunteer trip, Adventure Ashram aims to fund and help develop a project improving health and education at both Odanadi and Grace Charitable Trust. For example, assisting towards to costs of our tuition centres. Volunteers will be asked to pledge to raise or donate £1,000 each to enable this to happen. Anyone fundraising the money themselves will be fully supported by Adventure Ashram Fundraiser Fritha Vincent.


Highlights of the trip include:

  • Visiting the boy’s and girl’s house at Odanadi to find out more about this inspiring project.

  • Spending time with the children from our sponsorship programme

  • Visiting schools to see the difference education is making to the children’s lives.

  • Undertake some physical work such as painting our Tuition Centres.

  • Join in with celebrations to mark International Children’s Day.

  • Attend the Adventure Ashram Children’s Achievement Award Ceremony. 

  • Have the opportunity to give back in your own way.

Led by a seasoned traveller and Adventure Ashram supporter Sarah Goodwin, the itinerary is packed and has been prepared to ensure volunteers’ really experience our amazing and inspirational work first hand, with the support of project leaders Stanly KV and Solomon Daniel. 

Logistical Arrangements

  • Adventure Ashram will organise all the logistics of the trip after volunteer’s arrival in India. 

  • Volunteers will be responsible for booking and covering the costs of their own flights, arranging their visas, travel insurance and the cost of traveling from the airport to Mysore at the beginning of the trip and from Masinagudi to the airport at the end of our visit.

  • Support with organising transportation in-country will be provided by Adventure Ashram.


Costs for the trip
On signing up, we will ask for a non-refundable £250 deposit that can be later off-set against the invoice for your trip as detailed below. 
In addition, Volunteers will also cover the following costs:

  • Costs of flights to and from India and visas 

  • Basic accommodation (£30 per night for 9 nights = £270)*

  • Transfers from Mysore to Masinagudi (£40 per person approx.)*

  • Contribution to the special activities run by the projects for our benefit (£100 per person)

  • Contribution towards the cost of sending Sarah as the Adventure Ashram representative (£100 per person)

*These costs may be subject to change, depending on size of the group

To sign up for this amazing adventure, simply complete the attached form and if you have any questions please contact our Volunteer Sponsorship Manager, Margaret Ring on:

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

Testimonial from Adventure Ashram volunteer, Charlie Horsley, 

“Taking part in the Adventure Ashram Volunteer Trip 2015 has most certainly been a turning point in my life. I met some beautiful people, both volunteers and Indians who changed my perception of giving. Firstly, we visited Odanadi, a place so full of hope and smiles yet seeped in trauma that would linger for a life time. Meeting the people who had the determination to set this place up was immensely inspiring. It was wonderful to see these children moving forward with their lives, in a way I am sure they never imagined. We played football, games, sang and ate with children and staff alike. We then moved on to Masinagudi where we visited the tribal villages where tuition centres are being set up for children to focus on their studies and do well at school. These villages are where the sponsored children live and my happiest day was meeting the boy my family have sponsored for the last 2 years. I met his family and saw his house. I was able to take photos and take them back to my children and my children’s school and show them how different their lives are. We talked about how their lives had changed since they went to school and made me realise our small amount of money is going to a wonderful place.” 

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