Nathan Scard: Adventure Story

NATHAN'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: So if you're doing what I did and thinking about doing something meaningful - stop thinking and just do it. I admit that this paragraph is cliched. I was heading for my 35th birthday and decided I wanted to have a mini adventure - but one with purpose so that I could give back a little. I have ridden motorcycles since I was 14, taking on my Dad's love of all things on two wheels and so a motorbike trek seemed the obvious solution. I remembered that someone recommended a motorcycle tour company some years back who organised trips for charity, so I looked them up. I convinced a Dutch friend of mine to come along with me and we set about planning a trip. We had decid

Sarah Child: Adventure Story

SARAH'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: There are many, wet wipes are your friend in any situation, ensure the seal on the water bottle is intact or make sure you have immodium to hand! But I’m going with the girly tip of packing at least some pretty dress, when you have ridden in sweaty, stained, dusty motorbike clothes for 10 days and arrive... at a beautiful hotel in Mysore the uplifting power of a hot shower and a pretty dress cannot be denied! January 2008 I had just turned 30 and was working for a children’s charity when I was first introduced to India. My first adventure outside of Europe was actually for work – my role to represent the charity and thank the 100 bikers who had all raised over £50

Philip Edwards: Adventure Story

PHILIP'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Treat every day as an adventure (the Oxford definition - "an unusual and exciting or daring experience") AND if you find yourself in a bit of a spot just say to yourself " this could be interesting" and get on with it and also never ever follow to close. 11 years ago I saw an advert the Sunday Times to ride India and support some charities including Adventure Ashram. The advert promised the adventure of a lifetime and that it would change my life. It did both…… After many months of waiting in anticipation and then an arduous journey to Heathrow I queued up to check-in. Casually looking back down the check-in queue I saw what appeared to be a plane load of bikers

End to End Adventurers raise £1304.06 for our small but mighty charity.

It's with great pride and huge thanks, we announce that our intrepid supporters and adventurers Will Lucas, Ollie Langston and Iain Crockart rode the length of the country from Lands End to John O'Groats travelling a distance of 1304.06 miles and crossed the finish line! Hurray! They have donated a total of £1304.06p - a pound for each mile they travelled to our small but mighty charity. What a difference that money will make to the lives of the children and their families we help in India. If you feel inspired to support Will, Ollie and Iain please donate to our crowdfunding appeal here. You can pledge from as little as £3m knowing that the cost of a cappuccino can change lives in Indi

James Fairweather: Adventure Story

JAMES TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Use the toilet facilities no matter what! I have been fortunate to complete a number of trips in Africa, Nepal and India. India though is the place that I always leave really looking forward to coming back and I really wanted to share my experience of India with my wife, Mary. My wife though isn't a biker and wasn't about to go on the back of an Enfield so when Alex suggested an Ambi tour of Rajasthan I thought brilliant, I can show Mary a part of India in a car but it will also meet my need to do something a bit different as its an Ambassador and not any old car. We arrived in Delhi and met India face on with a taxi driver to the hotel that fancied he was in a

Deborah Slator: Adventure Story

DEBORAH'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Take every opportunity to explore! Visit as many local facilities as possible. There are wonderful people tucked away everywhere My India Adventure Elephants, bison, snakes, spiders, a porcupine, a chameleon, monkeys, chickens , cats, dogs goats and cows so many cows. For someone who loves nature this alone was a dream come true. Although I could not possibly have known in reality what a wonderful place I was to visit. The colour of India, the vitality, the warmth, the beautiful scenery, and the smiles of everyone made my eyes open wider than they have ever been. I asked so many questions, met so many people and left feeling that a part of me belonged to this won

Katy Putzker: Adventure Story

KATY'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Allow those around you to pull you into your next adventure. It may be your best one yet. My all time favorite memory interning with Adventure Ashram was by far the UK Bike and Car Rally 2016 weekend. I had worked for about 4 months for Adventure Ashram at this point, each day more rewarding than the last. I was finally putting all the names to faces and meeting all of the amazing people who support our small, but mighty charity. I was welcomed into the Adventure Ashram family right away as all of you wanted to hear about my story, but also tell me yours. I was right at home in the best way. I felt as if I had known all of you forever. I got to watch as all of you e

To celebrate 10 years of Adventure Ashram we have proudly launched our 100 Adventure Stories Crowdfu

We asked you to share your adventure stories with us and we have not been disappointed! For some fantastic and totally inspiring reads click here now. The purpose of our campaign is to propel Adventure Ashram, the adventurer's charity, into it's next chapter of adventure with purpose. We have set an ambitious target of £10,000 but we are adventurers after all! Help us to reach our goal by donating here. Maybe you have an adventure tale to tell? Let us hear it, by emailing it to Fritha now!

Charlie Horsley: Adventure Story

I was in need of some adventure. I had a 2 year old girl and a 4 year old boy and I had spent the last 4 years pandering to their every need. Through social media I had been thoroughly inspired by all of Fritha Vincent’s (CEO of Adventure Ashram) endeavours and started sponsoring a child through the Grace Charitable Trust and Adventure Ashram a year before. Kumar became a large part of a mealtime discussion - what might he be eating? Do you think he has 5 different cereals to choose from every day? I got fairly involved in Fritha’s latest fundraising venture and on the high of a mind-blowing success Fritha asked me to come to India and I said yes! There happened to be a volunteer trip

Ooi Shu Hui: Adventure Story

SHU'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Keep an open heart and make the most of your time in a foreign land to explore off the beaten track. Take a leap of faith and venture abroad - it will be unforgettable! I remember how ill and homesick I was when I first arrived at Adventure Ashram for my internship. I had not adjusted to the chilly weather yet and was finding my bearings in a new environment. Yet, 3 months on and I had settled comfortably into my internship and life in London. I loved exploring new places and neighborhoods and gaining new cultural experiences. My study abroad experience was truly a memorable adventure and my time in Adventure Ashram was nothing short of inspiring. The Adventure Ashra

Alice Pepperell: Adventure Story

I first visited India age 18 on a round the world trip. I was away for the best party of a year and shot over 200 rolls of film (in the days of analogue!) It was in the Himalaya that I first heard the unforgettable roar of the Enfield Bullet engine, with a couple on board and just their backpacks strapped to the pannier. It was there and then that I fell in love with motorbikes. Fast forward back to the UK, I realised how much I enjoyed and loved photography and changed my university course to suit. After I finished my degree I decided to return to India to work in the third sector, for a small NGO in Kerala that supported kids with HIV and AIDS. Two weeks before I left I was offered the cha

Chris Wilson: Adventure Story

CHRIS' TOP ADVENTURE TIP: In adventure we are all equal. Adventure does not define our age, sex, race, culture, sexuality, religion, and background. February 2010, rugby charity dinner, York. One of my guests, Dean Robinson, told me about an adventure he had just signed up to, Enduro Africa. Three words that ticked boxes – Motorbikes, Charity, Africa. A chance to have an adventure, do some good for charity and visit a country on my “to do” list. I hadn’t a clue what “Enduro” meant but it sounded exciting, I had never ridden off road, but within 24hrs (after the alcohol had worn off) I was signed up and deposit paid. On to E-Bay – bought a 1978 Honda 250R (a real bike with a kick start and no

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