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From Heathrow to Mysore and Back: Our Volunteers are Home!

Our volunteers are back from their 10 day adventure - a South Indian experience like no other!

On each volunteer trip, Adventure Ashram aims to fund and help develop a project improving health and education at both Odanadi and Grace Charitable Trust.

Adventure Ashram Trustees, Roy Clark and Udesh Nadoo, volunteered their time to host the trip with the support of charity leaders Stanly KV and Solomon Daniel. Our Volunteer Manager Margaret Ring is always on hand to help volunteers arranging travel and assisting with fundraising for the trip.

From 5 - 14 November, our team of volunteers traversed the Indian country side, starting in Mysore with a welcome dinner, moving to the Odanadi Boys' House to help plant trees and attend the food hall opening. Before they left Mysore to pick up the boys from school and explore the town, they visited the Odanadi girl's house and Mysore Palace. They even got to meet up with our Gap Year student, Rebecca, along the way!

Over the next few days, our volunteers assisted in one of our tuition centres and The Good Shephard School: meet with the children and teachers, teaching solo and in groups and playing many, many games. They also took the children on a day trip to Otty's botanical gardens - a trip where many children had their first train ride (check out Rebecca's blog to hear more about the experience!).

The final days lended themselves to the Adventure Ashram Achievement Awards ceremony and a celebration of International Children's Day. Volunteers shared their farewells the next moring and headed off to the airport.

What a whirlwind experience! Interested in having one of your own?

Adventure Ashram has an array of volunteering opportunities, ranging anywhere from a few hours a week volunteering in the UK to two weeks to two months abroad in India supporting our projects there. Learn more about how to volunteer with Adventure Ashram here and see how volunteering can change your life!

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