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Business Supports Adventure Ashram Spotlight

We are proud to launch our new Business Supports Adventure Ashram Spotlight, where we will be shining a spotlight on one of our amazing Business Supporters each month. It's in no particular order, as all our business supporters are wonderful partners and we would like to express our appreciation and gratefulness for all their continued support.

To kick off our first spotlight, we are featuring Skyline Consulting, the platinum sponsor for our UK Rally 2017. Director Mark Edwards has been a keen supporter of Adventure Ashram for many years and we are incredibly grateful for his support. Skyline Consulting is an independent consulting firm providing IT service and life-cycle asset management services to several areas of industry.

Our Business Supporters' commitment and passion go a long way in supporting our charity. Stay tuned for the next Business Supports Adventure Ashram Spotlight!

Could you become a business supporter? To find out more about Business Supports Adventure Ashram click here

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