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Stories From The Field - Thank You Letter to Child Sponsors

Solomon Daniel from Grace Charitable Trust has penned a touching thank-you letter to all our child sponsors:

Our sincere thanks to all the sponsors and Adventurers for your generous support to Grace Charitable Trust. Your support to GCT in many different ways by money and moral support has helped us to achieve many things. Your support is reaching the tribal children directly for their education. I'm so proud this year that there are 15 boys and girls who wrote their public exams and 5 of them are from the Siriyur village which is the first in this tribal village history. Even the villagers are so happy and they want to thank you all for supporting their children to go this far in their journey of education.

All the children are very busy in getting ready for their exams which will be on next month. Your support has changed many children's life and made them set their goals high. The transportation, fees and all other support for their education is highly valuable to these children to improve their knowledge. The education center takes the very important role in motivating them to be a very good human to the community.

So all the credit goes to you all for making these happen. So along with the children and with their parents I take pleasure in thanking you for sponsoring these under-privileged children in the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. We all invite you to India to see us soon. Once again a very big thanks for supporting us.


With love

Solomon Daniel

Would you like to help sponsor a child's education? Find out more by clicking here.

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