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Our Sponsored Children Excel Brilliantly in School With Your Help!

A message from Solomon Daniel at Grace Charitable Trust:

Hello dear friends, Here I'm taking pleasure in thanking you for your such a great help for the children here in Masinagudi. The children those who are being supported by Adventure Ashram are doing very good in their schools. All the children are promoted to their next grade in their studies. After our hard work and your valuable support, all the boys and girls who wrote the public exams this was promoted with very good grades in the very first time in Siriyur village's history. All the parents and the students are very happy to inform you that they are promoted. They all wanted to thank you for supporting their education. I'm sending the image of the children with the teacher in Siriyur. These children are planning to go to Gudalur School for their Higher Education. Each and every rupees you donated to us was useful for these children and their betterment. My special thanks to each and every one of you for helping us to support these children.

** See how well these children are doing with your support? We want to support even more children! Could you help? Click here to donate:

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