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Craig Jarvis: Two Short Adventure Memories

CRAIG'S TOP TIP: Love being out of your comfort zone whatever it may bring!

My first ever trip with Enduro India and being very green to the sharing a room scenario and feeling somewhat out of my comfort zone with the whole trip, on the first day checking into a quite reasonable hotel near palolem beach put my bags into the room complete with decent double bed and went down in search of a cold beer and the other guys arriving. Going back to my room later that evening discovered 4 other kit bags on the double bed giving 1 double between 5, never looked back from there and now love being out of that comfort zone whatever it may bring!

On another occasion being frantically flagged down in a small village by some locals only to discover one of our team had left his expensive camera at the Chi stop and they wanted me to return it to him, the camera probably equated to more than a year’s salary for the local.

Craig Jarvis, Adventure Ashram Trustee

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