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Fritha Vincent: Adventure Story

FRITHA'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Keep your heart open when you adventure and look for ways to help others.

For me the adventure has always been what we could achieve through the adventure, we call it purposeful adventure. Our main goal has always been improving health and education in India's communities. There is a legend that goes around South India, the legend of a group of motorbikers who visited a construction site and learnt that under construction was a house for rescued boys. After observing the site, meeting the 12 boys that lived on site and meeting the men that rescued them, the motorbikers made a call to England where they came from. The next day the rescuers found £70,000 in their charities bank account. Building restarted immediately. This legend is repeated and it makes me so proud that this legend is based on a true story, the motorbikers where the Adventure Ashram trustee board and the money was given in 2011.

Fritha Vincent, Adventure Ashram CEO

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