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Sarah Goodwin: Adventure Story

SARAH'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Push your boundaries in life!

Mine is not very exciting, but pushed my boundaries (at the time).

My first trip was on the 2011 Karma Enduro. I had never embarked on anything remotely like this before, so was extremely anxious about travelling, let alone driving in India.

I was co driving with my friend, Liz, and we shared each day's duties equally (the navigation seemed to be as important as the driving, but Liz was by far, the better driver).

So far we had bumbled along, gaining confidence each day and arrived at Jungle Hut looking forward to our day off.

As we got out of the car, and went to get our luggage out of the boot, Liz's back made an audible crack.

She was stuck. Buggered. Barely able to breathe through the pain.

We managed to get to our room, I booked a massage for her and plied her with pain meds.

Later that evening we were ferried up to Jungle Retreat for our group meal, with Liz wincing at every slight bump on the track.

I managed to get hold of our first aid chap (Alan), who, in the car park below, unceremoniously pulled Liz's trousers down and jabbed her in the arse with some serious meds. I think Raj was in the bushes somewhere, taking photos (he said) of monkeys. She slept like a babe that night.

After a day off, and me having several panic attacks about having to drive a full day until she completely recovered, let alone on the 36 hairpin bends road, I set off. It was hairy, but being followed by the "mortuary truck" AKA ambulance, whose horn was the siren, gave me a small amount of comfort.

Small thing, I know, but when you've never done anything adventurous or scary enough to push your boundaries in your life, it seemed huge.

Sarah Goodwin, Former Administrator to the Board of Trustees, Adventure Ashram Supporter

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