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Rebecca Smith: Adventure Story

REBECCA'S TOP TIP: If you are not sure whether a trip to India is for you, DO IT! Even if you are by yourself and/or not an experienced traveller. I am so glad I did!

I was lucky enough to go on an adventure of a lifetime with Adventure Ashram in the summer of 2015, where I spent 3 months in South India as a volunteer. I was based in Masinagudi and my role included teaching in the local school and general charity admin, including gathering information and interviewing children on the Child Sponsorship Scheme. I spent loads of time getting to know the children, playing games, going on trips and eating a lot of curry! I also visited Odanadi and got to know the children and young people living there.

On my trip I fell completely and utterly in love with India. The wonderfully kind and generous people, beautiful scenery, amazing food and incredible wildlife were just some of the highlights. Since my trip, I have been back once to visit and am already planning a third trip.

I will always be grateful to Adventure Ashram for the opportunity they gave me and I support everything they do wholeheartedly. I got the chance to see where our supporters' money goes and meeting the families we have helped is just wonderful.

Rebecca Smith, Adventure Ashram Volunteer

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