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Ian Ordish: Adventure Story

IAN'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: When travelling be open to new friendships!

The world will be ok

On the recce trip to the Lost World I was riding with Iain Clark. His bullet had a tendency to need a new spark plug every 200km or so. Riding on a dirt track up in the hills just leaving a small village, (I would not say lost but may be not on the road we were supposed to be on) his bike gave up.

We pulled over to a small shop to wait for the back-up van.

A young lady served us some drinks and we sat on the steps to look down the valley we had climbed,we agreed it was beautiful and stunning and talked to the young lady about our travels and showed her one of Alex's books showing our trip in The lost world.

Her mother came out and listened and joined in with our conversation but was not happy we were sitting on the floor. She brought out chairs and asked us to sit; after a short while the mum disappeared and we continued to talk.

Then the mother reappeared with a large tea tray, with a Bone China tea service with pink flowers on and cake, which she set down and proceeded to share. Tea and cake while looking at the stunning surroundings.

We sat outside this small house talking and laughing sharing food drink and time, with people we had only just met, like we were long lost friends.

Kindness and generosity of the human spirit makes you think the world will be ok

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