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Wonderful news! Fritha, our former CEO and now Special Adviser to Adventure Ashram and Olaf Mason ha

This type of union is known as Mantra Mangalya. It was started by a poet named Kuppalli Venkatappa Puttappa. It is basically an oath the couple says to one another promising that they will operate in partnership with trust, love and equality. They were supported to make this oath by social activist Pa Mallesh. He says "such marriages should take place in large numbers. We need to break the caste barriers to strengthen secularism." The event has been covered heavily in the press. Fritha Mason and Olaf Mason hope the promotion of the event will not only increase the awareness of simple marriage but also promote Odanadi Seva Trust's Odula Boys' House as a perfect wedding venue. We wish them love and joy for their future together. x

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